Non-FDA Approved Supplements

Welcome to The Endless Supplements episode where we dive into the world of non-FDA-approved supplements and the importance of critically evaluating the products we choose to incorporate into our lives. Throughout this episode, we'll explore the questions below and review additional challenges and ways to reframe anxieties. We hope you join us on this journey, as we seek to empower you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complex landscape of the supplement industry.

Anxeity Description Negative Thoughts Automatic Thoughts Challenge Question Reframe Questions
Contamination Fear of consuming contaminated supplements I'll get sick from this supplement I can't trust the manufacturing process What evidence do I have that the supplement is contaminated? Is there a way to verify the supplement's quality?
Unknown Side Effects Worry about experiencing unexpected side effects This supplement could cause serious harm I can't predict how this will affect me What is the likelihood of experiencing serious side effects? Can I find any reports of adverse reactions?
Dependency Fear of becoming dependent on the supplement. I won't be able to function without it. I need this to feel normal. Is there evidence of dependency with this supplement? Are there alternative methods for achieving the desired effects?

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