Parenting Teenagers

Challenges and Strategies for Parents

The Parenting Teenagers Endless episode explores some of the most common anxieties faced by parents of teenagers, such as Fear of Failure, Technology usage, and Discipline, and offers practical tips and techniques to help you reframe your thinking and manage these and other anxieties.

Anxeity Description Negative Thoughts Automatic Thoughts Challenge Question Reframe Questions
Fear of failure Worry about being a "bad" parent or making mistakes I'm not doing enough for my child What if I mess up and my child suffers? What successes have I had as a parent? How can I learn from my mistakes?
Technology use Worry about a child's excessive screen time or exposure to inappropriate content My child spends too much time on their phone/tablet What if my child is exposed to harmful content online? What boundaries can I set around technology use? How can I help my child use technology in a healthy and productive way?
Discipline Challenges in setting and enforcing rules and consequences. My child won't listen to me. What if I'm too strict or too lenient? What are some effective discipline strategies for my child's age and temperament? How can I communicate my expectations and consequences clearly and consistently?

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