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AI Boot Camp

Evening Sessions.
Enhance comprehension of AI technologies and timelines.
Examination of the impact of AI on organizational use cases. 

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Sessions provide a secure space to explore, ponder, and engage with AI technologies. After providing the fundamental groundwork, the discourse transitions to use cases, exchanging information, and exploring various ways to apply the newfound knowledge within the organization or to personal day-to-day activities. Additionally, the curriculum encompasses technology overviews, potential AI rollout timelines, human resource considerations, prompt engineering, and ethical concerns. The interactive and dialogue-driven program is designed for an engaging learning experience. 

Class Details

Class Schedule: Mon, Tues, and Thurs
Zoom @7 pm MT, 1-hour
Cost: $199 per person

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Boot Camp Highlights


A Commom Language

Grasping AI concepts, like cognitive computing, machine learning, generative AI, natural language processing, and deep learning, is crucial for confidently discussing the past and future of AI.



Focusing on relevant use cases to increase personal productivity is vital for realizing the potential of AI within your organization.


Data Security

Understanding how data can leak from your organization during and after the evaluation process is critical in determining which AI tools will get approvals from legal.


Use Cases

Establishing a process for evaluating generative AI is imperative as the technology is quickly evolving.

Prompt of the week.

This week's prompt leverages ChatGPT 4 with the WebPilot plugin.

- Preload [home] to determine the brand voice
- Preload [about] to refine the brand voice
- Preload a [personal social media post] to use as an example post style

Based on the URLs preloaded explain the brand voice, and ask the user to approve it or provide an additional URL to further refine it. Plus give the user the following post type options: {post type: Reels, Single Photo Posts, Carousel Photo Posts, Video Posts, Live Videos, Guides, Stories, Explainer}.

Once approved craft the post type of [page] for the [social media vendor] using the approved brand voice.

[social media vendor] = "replace with a social media vendor (e.g. Instagram, TikTok, etc...)"
[home] = "URL of your home page"
[about] = "URL of your about page"
[personal social media post] ="URL of a social media post"
[page] = "URL of the page you want the social post"

Do not copy this section: Replace the content and the " " with your information. 





Openai: 4wPlugins



Paste, Replace, Enter

Curriculum Overview

Day 1
On the first day of the boot camp, we lay the groundwork for understanding AI. This includes key concepts, history, current technologies, and future trends.
Introduction to AI: We define AI and its associated terms such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.
AI Technologies: We review current technologies, such as neural networks, cloud computing, big data, and how these technologies work and how they're used in AI.
Future of AI: We wrap up the day by discussing the future of AI,  covering emerging trends, and how to prepare for these changes.
Day 2
On the second day, we will delve into the ethical considerations of AI, understand the art of prompting, and introduce an AI framework for evaluating tasks.
AI Ethics: We begin discussing the ethical implications of AI. Topics will include bias in AI, privacy and data security, AI in decision-making, and the broader societal implications. We'll also discuss strategies for ethically implementing AI in a business context.
AI Prompting: Properly communicating with AI is a critical skill. We'll learn how to effectively prompt AI to get the desired results. This includes understanding the AI's limitations, crafting effective queries, and interpreting the AI's responses.
AI Framework for Evaluating Tasks: We introduce a framework for evaluating the potential impact of AI on various tasks within a company. We'll discuss how to assess the AI readiness of a task, rank tasks based on their exposure to AI, and identify potential obstacles and solutions for AI roleouts.
Hands-on Activities
Hands-on Exercises: We provide practical exercises for participants to apply what they've learned. This could involve crafting AI prompts, evaluating a task using the AI framework, or discussing ethical considerations in a given scenario.
Day 3
Day three of the boot camp focuses on the task types impacted within department-level use cases.
Departmental-Level Use Case Evaluation: We work through examples from various departments - such as HR, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service - and use the AI framework to evaluate the potential impact of AI on various tasks within these departments.

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