Embracing the Opportunities and Challenges of Growing Older

While aging can bring physical and cognitive decline, loneliness, loss of independence, loss of identity, and health anxiety, it can also bring new opportunities for growth, learning, and fulfillment. The Endless Aging episode explores the latest research and innovations in aging, offering practical tips and tools to help you reframe your thinking and embrace the opportunities of growing older.

We'll discuss the most common anxieties faced by older adults, such as physical and cognitive decline, loneliness, and loss of independence, and challenge you to reframe your thinking and take proactive steps to maintain your health, independence, and sense of identity.

Anxeity Description Negative Thoughts Automatic Thoughts Challenge Question Reframe Questions
Physical decline Worry about declining health, strength, and physical ability. I won't be able to care for myself. I'm becoming weak. What evidence do you have that you will not be able to care for yourself? How can you adapt and maintain your independence as you age?
Cognitive decline Fear of memory loss, dementia, and reduced mental capacity. I'll become forgetful and lose my mind. I can't remember things anymore. Is there a pattern to what you forget or is it random? How can you engage in activities to maintain cognitive function?
Loss of independence Fear of becoming reliant on others for basic needs, such as personal care, mobility, and decision-making. I will be a burden to my family. I can't do this on my own. What specific tasks do you worry about needing help with? How can you proactively plan for and maintain your independence?

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