• AI Model: Mid Journey
  • Prompt Author: Robert Reich
  • Prompt: Surreal human face merged into an anatomically correct heart, different color reds
  • JobID:  ec90dc34-ac82-4139-b3c1-797acfe53c2b
  • Seed: 1710555708
  • Size: 1024x1024
  • Date: May 3, 2023
  • Type: Imagine
  • Priority: Fast
  • Price: $25
  • Art Buyer: Julie Penner
  • Gallery:  Artist Alley Boulder Co

Art & Equitable Compensation

The Art & Equitable Compensation (AEC) Project's goal is to fractionalize the profits among all the artists who may have consciously or unconsciously influenced the Generative AI models used to create this image.

Community Request:

Please circulate this post to any artist you suspect may have had a role in shaping this piece of artwork. Kindly use the link: Artist's Claim Form.

The Challenge:
Backtracking an AI-produced image to pinpoint the original inspirations and artworks that guided its inception is going to be a tough, if not impossible, task.

Here are some potential starting points:

  • Investigating stylistic features, motifs, or similar visual elements.
    Examining the aesthetic qualities of the image.

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