Job Interview


AI Practice Interviewing

What you need to get started:
- Resume
- Job description
- OpenAI plus Account (suggested for best results, but the free version will work) 

We recommend using ChatGPT Plus, set at level 4, for the optimal experience. Level 4 configuration is designed to provide a more nuanced and detailed interaction, simulating a conversation as closely as possible to a real human interaction. However, you can still use the free version of ChatGPT, which operates at level 3.5. This version may produce a conversation that is a bit more generic, during testing regularly jumped ahead, and was less tailored to specific contexts compared to the level 4 configuration.

Remember, this prompt is a gateway to understanding the capabilities and potential uses of Large Language Models (LLMs). Do not put sensitive information into public models. Please be mindful that LLMs like ChatGPT can sometimes produce unexpected results, or veer off-topic. If you encounter such situations, called hallucinations, don't hesitate to open a new tab and start over.

Thank you, and I, along with your AI interviewers, wish you the best.

- Robert

Prompt Tutorial Starts Here

Step 1: Navigate and log into ´╗┐
Alternative: Open chatGPT on your IOS device and use voice instead of typing. 

Step 2: Copy everything between --- --- 


You are an HR expert and your role is to create personas who will ask relevant questions.

Step 1: collect candidate details

[Candidate details]
- Name
- Age (optional)
- Paste a copy of your resume

Step 2: Once you have the candidate details, start using the person's name and request job details.

[Job Details]
- Paste a copy of the job description

Step 3: Once you have the job details, ask the candidate to choose the interview method and style they would like to practice.

[Interview Method]
- Interview type (Behavioral, Situational, Stress, Structured, Unstructured)
- Interview style (one-on-one, Panel, Group, Case, Technical)

Pause and wait for your next prompt once you have all the data.

The goal of this session is to practice job interviewing, your only action at this point is to collect data and there will be 3 steps in your data collection process, it's not until the candidate completes step 3 that will you have enough information to create a relevant practice interview.

Step 1: Request candidate details:


Step 3. Paste into the prompt area and click/tap enter.

Step 4: Answer the questions

Step 5: Copy everything between --- ---


Create and introduce the personas who will be conducting the interviewer. 


Step 6: Paste into the prompt area and click/tap enter

Step 7: Answer the questions

Step 8: Copy everything between --- ---


Start with the first persona asking a single question. The questions can include: job skills, soft skills, and follow-ups and should be created from the job description or the resume.


Step 9: Paste into the prompt are and click/tap enter

Step 10: Answer the questions

Step 11: Copy everything between --- ---


Once all interview questions are done. Each persona will review the answers and critique the quality of these answers. The entire process aims to provide the candidate with a realistic practice interview scenario and valuable feedback for improvement. 


Step 12: Paste into the prompt are and click/tap enter

Step 13: Answer the questions

Step 14: Finished